Stoner rock

Over Ditch

DiTCH is Stoner Rock. With a pinch of that seventies sound, a little bit of space, and a crushing wall of down-tuned and bassy guitars and massive drums they make the foundations of their hometown (Den Haag, the Netherlands) rumble, tumble and crumble since 2010. In 2014 they released their debut album, “Boca do Inferno”, which contains the YouTube hit “One Way Trip tot he Sun” and groove-machines like “Obey the Mountain” and “Michael Madsen”. In recent years the band went silent and slowly drifted into slumber. But GOOD NEWS!! In 2019 the band is making their return to the fray. Reduced to a grooving three headed monster, DiTCH is once again ready to enter center stage. No more Sabbathical. It’s time to unleash the beast. The desert sound of The Hague (or is it Dune Sound) is back!! So, bring it on….

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Stone Golem

“I saved the world or so I thought, but someone proved me wrongThirty years ago at the center of the universe”For the past 30 years the force of nature known as the Stone Golem has been on a slow and inescapable path of destruction throughout the universe. Complete star systems have evacuated to escape its terrible doom. As reports of the Stone Golem become more frequent, a lone hero leaves his self-imposed exile to try and right the mistakes of his past. Unbeknownst to our hero more of his mysterious past is coming back to haunt him as a new even darker threat emerges…

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Prijs: € 3

Aan de deur: € 5

Deur open: 21:00

Start: 22:00

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