Rough 'n Tumble

Rock 'n Roll, Bluesrock, Rootsrock, Gitaarrock, Rythm 'n Blues

Rock? Sure! Blues? Of course! But foremost: songs. Rough ’n Tumble’s got them and plays them in a way that has won them a reputation as one hell of a live band. This bond of brothers Martin and Anton (vocals, harmonica and guitars) and ‘rhythm twins’ Rob Louwers and Rick Finck creates some blistering rock ’n roll. They do their own stuff mixed with their interpretations of some great classics like The Door’s L.A. Woman.

After the release of debut album ‘Going Places’ their long-time collaborator Bram Bol recorded a gig in their hometown Zoetermeer (‘Sweet lake city’). These recordings were released on their second CD ‘Live at the Wangbar’, which contained mostly new songs, a few from ‘Going Places’ and a hot interpretation of Eddie Cochran’s ‘C’mon everybody’. This critically aclaimed album shows what a great live band they are. The album also makes clear why late American guitar legend Link Wray (‘Rumble’!) chose this rhythm section for his last European tour.

They also know how to handle the acoustics, as was proved by them winning a prestigious ‘unplugged’ award.

2 november

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