WH*T !F is a five-piece rock-band from the city of Eindhoven. They started out in 2020 as a school-band of Summa College at Willem de Rijkelaan 3. The band started to create their own material while still a school-band and figured they liked to focus on their own music. After a year and a half, the band decided to step out of the school-band vibe and went to stand on their own feet from there. Since then, the band has quite some gigs and are planning to record their first EP in the spring of 2023.

What have we already done?

The band has already created 15 original songs, which they frequently played live since 2022. They have had gigs at places such as Altstadt, Stage Music Café and have a lot of gigs coming up at Eurosjopper Festival, and Tilburg on Stage. The band started a crowdfunding for their EP in November of 2022, and approximately €1300 was donated by their fans. WH*T !F also has social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube on which they frequently post interesting things.

What are the main goals for the upcoming years?

WH*T !F as said previously is planning to record their debut EP in the spring of 2023 and release the songs on platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and YouTube music. They have quite some gigs planned for the upcoming year, and want to use those gigs to promote their upcoming EP and hope that because of the promotion they can break through with the songs.



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15 September

Prijs aan de deur: 6,50

Deuren open: 21:00

Start: 21:00

Westlands Pop Centrum Nederland 3

Lange Spruit 84
2291 LC Wateringen

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