Plain Aggresson


Over Plain Aggresson

Plain Aggression is a hardcore band born in Eindhoven raised in the shadow of Dynamo Open Air. Richly influenced by the forefathers and the modern heroes of hardcore like Knocked Loose, Terror, Varials, Lionheart and Code Orange. Punishing riffs combine with hard hitting drums and a fresh social perspective to form a band that says fuck you to all the passive aggressive bullshit.

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Melting Eyes

Death Metal

Over Melting Eyes

Melting Eyes has been formed in feb 2017 by Ben Ubert (guitar) and Marc vd Meer (drums). Ben who is also active in deathmetal coverband Deathhammer had the name Melting Eyes ready for a while and was searching for a drum player. Marc who was active in deathmetal band Compos Mentis (HOL) from 1991 - 1995 wanted to play drums again in an oldschool deathmetal band. So after a while they started Melting Eyes with bass player Angelo Verlaan who is an active metal drum player and bass player since 1977 in bands like The Flames - Struggling Practice - Death line - Emphasis - Paragon - The Deal - Frozen Cristal - GAOS. Angelo is still active as drum player in Heavymetal cover band Winterfell. After 3/4 year of practicing there deathmetal songs they found a vocalist in Pier Segaar. Pier who is also active in deaththrash metal band The Impaler on guitar and did the vocals in the known deathmetal band Constant Paranoia. First Pier would do the vocals only but after a couple of times rehearsing Pier grabbed his guitar and started to be the second guitar player and vocalist of Melting Eyes. As you can read all members of Melting Eyes are active in the metal scene for many many years. Melting Eyes is always writing new songs and getting ready to play gigs and to record some sick and heavy oldschool deathmetal.

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Man as Plague


Over Man as Plague

Man As Plague is a 4 piece metal formation from the Netherlands created back in 2011. Not wanting to adhere to 1 type of metal they use influences from all over the metal spectrum. Hardcore, deathcore, death metal, it is all mixed together in one brutal form.

Since their formation Man As Plague released 3 EP’s and 4 video clips. “The Frail Compass” is the band’s latest release and can be found on all digital media platforms.

Playing live is what Man As Plague is all about, high energy, grooving breakdowns, and a massive wall of sound and energy. Spreading their plague ever further…….

A unique sound, coupled with one hell of a live act. This is one band you don’t want to miss!

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Prijs: € 3

Aan de deur: € 5

Deur open: 21:00

Start: 22:15

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