Tangled Horns

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Over Tangled Horns

Tangled Horns is an Antwerp rock band with roots in the Belgian Noorderkempen. The best way to describe the music would be stonerrock meets grunge with a 90's vibe. For fans of (the) Melvins, Barkmarket, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains.

The band is best known for their tongue-in-cheek style and solid, sweaty and energetic live shows. They released a self-titled EP (2010), "Klang" (2011) and recently "Immovable Object" (2014) through their own independent label "Kablaam Records". Tangled Horns is a real DIY band. Artwork, promo, clips and everything else is done in-house. Tangled Horns is the example of the real, sincere, hard working band that will always be pushing the envelope. They have a solid foundation in the Belgian underground but are more and more accessible to larger audiences everywhere.

They have shared stages with Clutch, Baroness, Atomic Bitchwax, Graveyard, Lonely Kamel, Saviours, Danava, Radio Moscow, Farflung, Royal Thunder, Tweak Bird and many other great bands.

Their last release is the first part of a two-piece concept album: 'Immovable Object' (2014). The second part, 'Unstoppable Force' will be released in the course of 2015. So stay tuned kids!

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Over Huracán

Huracan ( also 'hunraqan' or 'hurakan') is the k'iche maya God of wind, storm and fire. Harsh, bad-tempered riffing and an urge to play. The ugly cousins of matt pike and King buzzo.

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30 November Tangled Horns en Huracan

Prijs: € 5

Aan de deur: € 5

Deur open: 21:00

Start: 21:30

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